June 29, 2012 | 12 comment(s)

Greco's Hammer Report

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For those that don't understand, watch Mariano, MJ, P-Rod, The Boss and Greco himself define what a hammer is! What would you say is a hammer? Leave your answer in the comments!!!


  1. A hammer to me is something that scares you to think about, but once it's complete a big weight is taken off your shoulders

  2. A hammer to me is when some this fuck gnarly and other people are scares to hit that shit you fucking go Ham and destroy that spot. Go drew

    bryan nowison
  3. Jim Greco just inspired me to go skate and never stop Jim Greco is the best, can not wait for the Deathwish video

  4. A hammer to me is killin a pig then front bluntin the tombstone signed Rest in Piss

    Stank Ass D
  5. A hammer is when you drop your hardest and biggest tricks pretty much just go and do your best trick off the biggest shit ever that's dropping hammers! And most importantly do it with style! It's the top of the pole your last part of the video dropping your best hammers that's what it's about!! Get it done son bakerboysdist for life!! 60's rock n roll for life since baker 2g!!

  6. a hammer is when you overcome a spot and get that trick you wanted like an ollie down a drop or skating anything that seems to be behemoth to you. deathwish for life |//

    mark twain
  7. All these lurkers defined a hammer but bakerboys forgot to mention my favorite skater of all time who drops hammers. Heath Kirchart!!!

    Brian Ruano
  8. 1 a : a hand tool consisting of a solid head set crosswise on a handle and used for pounding
    b : a power tool that often substitutes a metal block or a drill for the hammerhead

  9. when you bang that shit down hard and all the homies cheer and go nuts, that my friends is a hammer.

  10. A Hammer is when you say "fuck it, I don't care what happens... I want this trick"

  11. a hammer for me atleast. is where ur at a strait gnaly spot u get broke off a time or two the u get all buck and strait land bolts ur homies go nuts throw there boards n shit all while u ride away with a amazing skategasm and smile on ur face.........thug shit get tricks

  12. A hammer is when you do weel weel gnaw twicks bwo