July 25, 2012 | 11 comment(s)

Thrasher Issue 386

Thrasher Cover

We just got the new Thrasher issue in! Baby Baca on the cover?!? Dane Burman 50-50ing handrails into poles?!? Check out whats inside!!!

Kevin Romar Veture trucks

We got SJ killa Kevin Romar stompin yards for Venture! Nice SJ bold shirt homie!!!

Jon Dickson SUbscibe page

If you haven't already you should subscribe to Thrasher!!! Dickson killing it!

Andrew Reynolds for Altamont

Bowse mane for Altamont

Lizard King the passion for Supra

Lizard getting buck with his new Supra shoe "The Passion"!

Baca Tales of Bake and Destroy part one

In this months edition of "Tales of Bake and Destroy" the Baker crew headed out to Vegas for a "quick little trip" to film some tricks for the upcoming Bake and Destroy video and also visit Baker's newest father Sammy Baca!

Baca Tales of Bake and Destroy part two

Peep Nuge and Baker flow kid CJ Jackson going hard in the Vegas heat!!!

Riley HAwk Baker Ad

Speaking of Baker, CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST AM!!! That's right kids, Riley Hawk is on Baker! Welcome to the team bud!!!

Neen Deathwish Ad

Neen going big as usual! Deathwish Video February 2013!

Sinner LE Ad

SJ OG Sinner getting down for LE

Dickson OJ trip mexico

Figgy and Dickson went down to Mexico for an OJ wheels trip, buy the mag to read the whole article, definitely worth it!

Dickson part 2 OJ trip

Freeway shredding through front smiths

Figgy OJ Trip

Figgy killing it as usual while security witnesses the gnar

Dickson Active ad

Dickson in the new Active ad

Moose killing it in Poland

Also another awesome article of the Bones trip to Poland. Moose getting down with this front blunt!

Shake Junt ad

Don't front with Shake Junt! True OG's Brian Michaud, Erik Ellington and Shane Heyl in the new Shake Junt ad! Killas!

Reynolds SJ emerica shoes

The Bowse closes out the mag with this Emerica ad for the Shake Junt x Emerica Reynolds Collab!!!

Go cop a few issues to peep the madness! And as always stay updated on the Bake and Destroy video over at Thrasher and!!!


  1. Baker team is doing it big yo. Bird mand jr I knew it wa going dowm like that, doyo thing man. Oh and how coud I forget my homis with deathwish and of course thrasher mag been on that for ever too. Skate or die!!

    Young Baker
  2. Luh 'dat new $hakeJunt ad, BangBang !

    Charles Rodney Lines II
  3. This is the awesome .Deathwish Video is really Big Bang.Thanks for sharing a great post with us.
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    roller skates

    Orson Paige
  4. Deathwish video February 2013!? No more years!

  5. neen my man!

    ryan gelsleichter
  6. yeah!!!!!!!!

    jose francisco
    im pretty sure it's impossible to Ollie north a 40 stair double set!!!

  8. @brendan ..hes going over the white bar..and its a kickflip my man

  9. shout out to Baker for supporting Riley, dude shreds

  10. deathwish n baker taking over!!!! NEEN WILLIAMS!!

  11. Baker dudes :-)

    Andrew Reynolds Dude