August 14, 2012 | 5 comment(s)

Fos Invades Canada!

Fos shows in canada

Heroin Skateboards mastermind Fos, headed up to Canada to paint a few installations for a couple galleries. Head over to the Altamont blog to check it out!!


  1. fos is a hack, hes just pure buzzwords and repetitive images.

  2. Guy, your a fuckin hater man. Fos is dope peace outta here

  3. fos is fucking sick man!

  4. Im just waiting for someone to come up with better retaliation posts. You guys are broken records. hater this, hater that. fos is a chump, his work isnt surprising. its pretty boring. neckface too really. his art is mega repetitive. they arent artists, theyre one trick show ponies milking all they can out of that nice little trick.

  5. this lo-fi bullshit is just a smokescreen of hacks that cant do anything but their little doodles. and sure, it might have been cool.

    the first time.
    but its dragging out.
    its a shallow aesthetic that just boils down to another medium for typical bullshit. Cassette tapes, really? ur so deep cuz u can name off all the bullshit you bump on your ipod. You probably werent even really a proponent in the cassette days, anymore than any other 10 year old.