August 22, 2012 | 6 comment(s)

Erik's iPhone Photos From the Road


First Stop was at Theory Skateshop, since I was laggin on takin photos this is all I got. Theory rips!!!

supra fan

Kicked off the tour at the LES park in NYC!

Erik so serious

Lizard and Alex turned me into the joker at the Kr3w photo shoot, hahahaha! Props to Mick Rock!!!

bottlepoppinpoppin bottles supra sushi

Supra team dinner #webottlepoppin!!!



Neen staring at cheeks

Neen caught starin at that juice!!!!


The King relaxin, miss you bro!!!

the pride of lowell

The pride of Lowell!

erik and dudes

A couple homies from Concrete Wave! Thanks guys!!!

buried alive

Massachusetts Deathwish posse

old baker deck

OG Andrew board signed by the Bakerboys sometime in 2005


Eastern Boarder crew hooked it up! Thanks bros!!!


Deathwall at Eastern Border

Also check out the Supra blog for more updates on the tour!!! Check out part 1 and part 2 right now!!!


  1. wish u guys would come to connecticut sumtime! would be soooo gnarly

  2. mad luv 2 u guys tho u all are inspirations BAKER DEATHWISH 4 LIFE!!!!

  3. The next possible tour hit up Oregon! Much Love!

    David Solis
  4. Hey you guys you are so dope, you should come and check out Iceland it's the dopest place on earth. Bakehhboys fo life peace and love from Iceland

  5. That OG Andrew board is essential i would die for that!!!

  6. Man I know its late but happy birthday Ellington! You re my inspiration in skating homie! Keep doin wut yall do DEATHWISH FO LIFE