September 14, 2012 | 5 comment(s)

Deathwish Road to SLC - Mission to the Mansion

Sk8 George

After a long drive we get to Skate George! Woooo!

Dickson airs the channel

Dickson getting floaty over the channel while Kirby takes notes

Dickson front lip

Dickson gets the front lip...

kirby front smith

Kirby follows up with a front smith!

lizard going th e distance

Lizard going the distance

locals cooling off

After the park we showed up to the local watering hole and a local was cooling off in the gap!

test out ollie

Kirby tests it out with an ollie

homie approved

Homie approved

hot out herrr

Hot out here in Dixie!

kirby got his trick

Kirby stomps the yard, beats the heat and celebrates like the locals would

Dickson and shredder

Dickson on Shredder duty

shell silverstine

Real life Shel Silverstien, mighty fine craftsmanship! Amazing art all over St. George!

done in SLC

Our work here is done, we drove for the rest of the day to make it out to SLC!

wake up to this view

Next morning we woke up to this view...

Cathy and Heidi

BIG thank you to Kathy and Hydee for hooking us up with this amazing place to stay!


Place was amazing! Literally!


It had its own basketball court!!!

fridge stoced

and a stocked fridge!?!

crew is hyped

The crew was hyped on the house!


Little breakfast with the team...

lizard warming up

Then we were off to the skatepark, Lizard gets in a quick warm up!

dickson warming up

Dickson does the same with a front board

off to hit the streets

after the morning sesh we were out to hit the streets!

Dickson saw this tried it

Driving to a spot, Dickson saw this crazy rail and we stopped to take a look. The landing was harsh! YOLO!

Kirby ollie

dickson ollie

lizard ollie

We get to this spot and the crew starts firing off ollies over the huge loding dock!

dickson big backside ollie

Dickson floats one backside

hiedi on shredder watch

Hydee on Shredder watch

Dickson flash assistant off the year

check out that steeze

Not Dickson's first holding the flash!

Lizard got his trick

Lizard stacks another clip for the trip, the crew comes over to celebrate and we out of this bitch

New spot kirby gets straight to business

We end up at this rail at the U and Kirby get right down to business

Lizard with his new VX

Lizard with his new VX, so hyped!!!

Kirby Stomps in front of the cop

Rookie cop tries to kick us out, Kirby wasn't having it. Stomped his trick right infront of him! Sorry rook maybe next time!

Very gradual bump over the bar

Next spot was this gradual incline (wouldn't even call it a bump) over this rail

Lizard and Jon Kill it

Lizard makes it happen with an easy ollie

you get bored out here

Sometimes you get bored at the spot and you end up with some semi-artsy photos on the camera. But not really...

went to meet BOB to step up our cool

After skating Lizard wanted to go say whats up to Papa Plumb. Instantly step up our cool, nothing left to do but to head home!

get some grub and we are done for the day

Little dinner at the spot and we are done for the day!


  1. can't wait for the video to drop. is kirby on deathwish now?

  2. I wana be more inform about stuff like these little trips they take. These are some awsome pics and crazy adventures they have. If ever the time I Would love to skate with these guys... Especially kirby that's one sick Mo Fo... Forever DEATHWISH

    Otoniel Castaneda
  3. crap i was here the whole time you guys were and seriously had no idea. man i screwed up

  4. Sick footage = Deathwish video

  5. dang they hooked up with some chick too and got sick footage plus a place to stay i wish i had enough class like them to pull off being able to stay in the morning