September 20, 2012 | 5 comment(s)

Deathwish Road to SLC - The Tube

Chris showed us around
Next day we wake up and head to the park to warm up. Homie Chris is already there blasting FS Flips. Big thanks to Chris and the homies for showing us around while we were in town!

kirby blasting

Kirby jumps right in there and catches some frontside air!

still hot out keeping it cool in the shade

Still hot out here, Crew keeps cool in the shade

Little shredder torture in the van

Little Shredder torture on the way to the spot

more shredder torture

Not hyped on his John Lennon impression

holland and kirby sizing up over the rail

End up at this over the rail spot. Holland and Kirby sizing up over the rail

kirby gets busy

Kirby gets busy

WTF happened mon

What the fuck happend mon!!!

faces of satisfaction

Faces of satisfaction. Good work boys!

not sure if bens foot is attached

Not sure if Ben's foot is attached here, but at least he walked away with the photos... shoutout to Stance socks for keeping us cozy!

hit this famoud SLC spot

Hit this famous SLC spot. Lizards can fly?

shredder digging it all

Shredder digs it all

Lizard going a little too hard

Lizard goes a little too hard...

Lizard filming

and decides to grab the VX and get some angles

Holland FS shifty

Holland floating frontside shiftys

if youre ever in SLC and want a mellow long rail

If you're ever in SLC and want to hit a long steep rail with no runway or landing, check this one out. Fun to dream huh?

James Atkin sigting

James Atkin came through, huge thanks to him and Goal Zero for keeping us untethered on the road!

Only lizard would skate this

I spy a skate spot?? Only Lizard!!

lizard quick 5050

50-50 no problem

got it

Lizard gets a couple tricks, you'll have to wait for #TheDeathwishVideo to see!

meanwhile looks like moose got something

Meanwhile Moose is busy harvesting??

delicious street grapes doggy

"Delicious street grapes doggie!!"

joint smoking and grapes

Apparently grapes and tweest go great together

lk flying out to finish the day

Head to the skatepark to finish out the day and Lizard fly's out with a backside grab

jd learning new tricks with a shifty

Dickson tweaks a frontside grab

kirby tucknee over the hip

Kirby ends the day on a sweet tucknee over the hip

albino praying antid

The next morning the albino praying mantis thats been chilling on the fan all week says we should shoot the tube...

the tube1

A quarter mile of the purest, coldest, mountain water run off you've ever been in

the tube
The tube is gnarly and dark

pat working the knee

Pat working out the knee on these Utah trails
alex and jon doing enjoying the hike

Alex and Jon enjoying the great outdoors

so many dogs

So many dogs running free out in the park and loving it...

except shredder

except Shredder, not feeling the water

moose and pat healing injuries

Moose and Pat seeking the healing power of fresh mountain runoff

tight spot

This place is AMAZING

crew is killing it

Crew was feeling it

sweet insects

Look, at this cool insect!



shredder feeling the vibe

Shredder starting to feel the vibe

fish up in here

There's fish in here?!? Lets catch some dinner!

macaroni bait

Macaroni bait will do the trick

finished product

Proud father of a makeshift fishing pole

plastic shoe lace can hook lets fish

Piece of plastic, shoe lace, hook made out of aluminum can and last but not least the macaroni bait! And lets fish!
moose gets inspired

Moose gets inspired...

oh word
proud father of a spear

"Ready for some spearfishing doggie!!"

moose on the hunt1
Moose on the hunt

Moose on the hunt!

Moose hunting
Seriously we need to eat tonight!

Shoot the tube time

Juss kidding!! Time to shoot the tube!!


pile out

Seriously fun highly recommended if you are in Salt Lake City!

We out

After shooting the tube its time to get ready for Mike Brown fest!
Thanks for a great time tube!!!

Mike Brown fest

Mike Brown fest is an annual event with a bunch of bands and skate obstacles inside a bar!

Bands and skating in a bar
the venue

A great idea!

Swagatha christie white girl wasted

Swagatha Christie - White Girl Wasted

not your average show

Not your average show

shredders first bar experience

Snuck Shredder in for his first bar experience

they even sell them

Mike Browns band is about to go on next, time for everyone to stock up on tomatoes to throw, YEAHHH!!

ben is stocked up

Ben is stocked up

jon stocked up

Jon likes em' rotten

rotting for real

really rotten

saving the band equipment

The band equipment is prepped


Mike Brown is ready to go


and we're off

lizards hyped

Lizard loves this shit! Thanks to everyone for a great night!


  1. I thought this was your own version of intagram. Ya it was cool.

  2. wht supra shoe is pat wearin at the tube??

  3. Where the hell is that tube? i am 801 local :)

  4. the tube is at tanner park k smith. It's pretty much at the mouth of parley's canyon

  5. Fuck yeah thanks for puttin my link up I love you guys!! Wgw! Lizard King is the shit

    Swagatha Christie aka LMC