September 24, 2012 | 12 comment(s)

Deathwish Road to SLC - Sweet Lake City

Woke up to some rain

We woke up the next day to some rain, decided to check out some spots

Shredder guards the van

Shredder guards the van while we suss things out. Good Boy!

crew b cruisin

Crew cruising out

Checked out this rail

Blue kinkers not looking too bad, maybe on a dry day

Lizard see something moose dosent

Lizard and Kirby making spots while Moose wakes up

aleks enjoying the rain

Aleks enjoying the rain

Big Blocks

Big wet blocks

Kirbys bummed fuck it

Kirby and Holland bumming on the rain, No clear sky's in sight, time to head home

ben with a front feeb

Wake up the next day with beautiful sky's, Ben starts breakfast off with a nice front feebs

Lizard nosegrinds

Lizard prefers sizzling nosegrinds

Kirby 360s

Kirby likes fatty 360s

jd hearty front feeb

Jon chooses a hearty front 50

lk backside air

Now that most the boys are fed, Lizard floats a backside air

Jon teaching the kids early grabs

Jon with an "early", early grab

kirby learns quick

Kirby's got his back

moose feeling better

Moose getting back into the swing of things with a frontside air. Now it's time to go hit some spots!

homie hollands van

Met up with the homie Holland and his sweet van!

homie cheese

The homie Cheese killing it with a front 5-0 shove! Thanks for everything G!

dickson rolling out the knots

Dickson was feeling a little stiff, time to roll out the knots...

caveman jon

Jon making do with what he's got, beer bottles are great rolling pins

kirby killing it

Kirby wastes no time

lk lipslide

Lizard with a boardslide

kirby fs tail

Kirby with the frontside tail, Lizard finishes the spot off with one more banger

holland thinking about it

Not much else to skate here, Holland sees this and gives it some thought... maybe next time bud! This thing is crazy!

jon bump over the hubba

We head over to the U and Jon ollies from the bump over the hubba

lizards been dreaming about it for 10 years

Sometimes your dreams...


Prepping for battle


become your reality, and you'll have to wait for #TheDeathwishVideo to see it...

people water moose

Big thanks to People Water for keeping us hydrated on the trip! Make sure you check them out!

kirby kills it

We roll up to this spot, and Kirby sizes it up

victory cake

Lizard enjoying some victory cake at the spot

oh he got it

Mark another one down for KIrby. Steady killing it all trip G!


Samson's nose is a little dry

thanks to dan jones

Next we paid a visit to Dan Jones' place. Huge thanks to him for letting us roll through!!!

shep back tail

Shep with the back tail

pivot to fakie

Dickson with a 5-0 to fakie

lk back d

Lizard goes back D on the tombstone extension

moose blunt

Casually blogging Moose's blunt to fakie


Crew trying to figure out the lines in this little park

brophy front 50

Brophy found one, front 5-0 on the tombstone

shredder always makes friend

Shredder makes friends wherever he goes

Zaden shred

Little Zaden was having some trouble with this 50-50 over the hip until Kirby puts $20 on it and gives him a few tips

kirby gave him 20

Nailed it!

shredder vern and coco

After Dan Jones' place we headed over to Lizards parents for some dinner. Shredder was also visiting family, Vern and Coco were hyped!

dinner with the fam

BIG thanks to Mama Liz, Big Bob, Uncle Jack and Tootsie for a great time and awesome night!!!



  2. fantastic! the deathwish is the best skateborad brand! and is team is so fucking sick!

  3. can't wait to see the video!!

  4. "get tht corn out of my face! "

  5. Get that shit Beeee!!!

  6. Wow. they seriously were right out side my college class at the beginning and i never looked out the window that day. i blew it big time

  7. you guys ripped 9th n 9th

  8. Skate or die

  9. deathwish is so sick.......cant wait for the video

  10. Deathwish is fucking rad !
    They got the craziest Team full of good skating Motherfuckers

  11. Nice air lizard deathwish is so fcking awsome

  12. When i missed the passion trip for liz king i cryed threw up and got a high fever i got really pissed not getting mad at lizard though hes awsome.