September 26, 2012 | 6 comment(s)

Thrasher Issue 388


We got our issue of Thrasher in the mail! Figgy, TK, Herman are in it, and a Baca interview ?!?! Have to check it out!!!

figgy bake and destroy ad

Figgy is going HAM for Bake and Destroy! You just wait!!!

figgy altamont ad

If you need proof, just look at Figgy killing it in this Altamont ad!

supra the ellington

Erik throwing down for his new Supra shoe "The Ellington"!

nuges greatest hits thrasher

For this months "Tales of Bake and Destroy" you get to see the sequence and hear the story behind Nuges ankle injury... it's pretty gnarly, pick up a copy of the mag to read it!

trapasso for converse

SJ and Brigada homie Nick Trapasso killing it for Converse

lizard deathwish ad

Lizard going hard for The Deathwish Video!!!

shake junt getcha roll on ad

Getcha Roll On! You already know!!!

Lenoce and his first cover

Baker OG Jeff Lenoce has the story behind getting his first Thrasher cover back in 99'! Then you got the Boss below him, showing love for the Birdman!!

baca article part one

Next in the mag, we got 10 pages of gnarly Sammy Baca madness!!

baca article 2

baca article 3

baca article 4

baca article 5

Go pick up the mag now to read it and see all the crazy photos of Baca ripping!!!

dee on emrica tour

Right after the Baca interview we got the homie Burnett's article from the Emerica tour. Peep Dee hopping into this sketchy ass bank in his hometown of Nashville!!!

herman slaying

Herman slaying rails as usual...

figgy slaying

Figgy doing the same!!!

PRod Brigada ad

P-Rod Brigada ad!

herman down with th emag

Herman is down with the mag! Stuntin on the products page like a G!

bake and destroying next month

Are you ready??? Bake and Destroy will be melting minds next month!!! GET HYPED!!!

TK closer

TK closes out this issue with a couple quick questions. Have you checked out his favorite graphic?? Skateboarder Magazine even agrees that its one of the best this year!!!

Go scoop up a copy of the mag, or three, and keep checking Thrasher and for updates on Bake and Destroy!!!


  1. can't wait for the fuckin DVD. gonna be so sick! GTWYC fosho

  2. COOL!! the ellington kills, and baker is the best

  3. Gnarly Figgys gettin Pitted !!

  4. BAKER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

  5. Holy shit thats gonna be sick


    Mikey Stevens