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2012 BBD Holiday Demo Recap!

Chachi in van

Van is packed with all the goods and we're off to the 2012 BBD Holiday Demo!!! Chachi holding down the backseat

Charred car

Spotted this on the way to the demo, only in the Valley!

We get to the park

We get to the park and checked out the scene

locals are ripping

The locals are ripping! Nice to see some gang logos in the park!

chachi and jroy unpacking the van

This was the whole BBD crew, Chachi unpacking Vitamin Water (shoutout to Vitamin Water for hooking it up!) and JRoy handling the tree!

jroy teaching the kids how to pop up a tent

Some locals offered their help, JRoy teaching them how to set up the tent

thanks for the help

Back to the van to get more goods!

kids bringing the stuff to the park

Local kids killing it, thanks again for all the help players!

setting up table

They even helped set up the tables...

kids setting up the tree

and the BBD Christmas tree!!

chachi getting the stickers out

Time to bless the park with some stickers and banners

kids still decorating the tree

Local kids still working on the tree

putting up the banner

Chachi and Jroy putting up the banners while some local throws a FS flip down the 6!

bucky and the emerica crew

Meanwhile back at the tent, Bucky and the Emerica crew show up and start setting up their tent and tables

good work on the tree players

Tree is decorated, thanks again players, you dudes killed it!!

chachi putting up the banners

Clean work on the banners Chachi, too bad they never made it back to the warehouse!

skatepark graffiti

Skate Junt?!!! Haha only in East LA!

bakerboys under the tree

Tree is set up and the product is under it, keeping it in the boxes this year!!!

product on the tree

Blessed the tree with some product and she is good to go!!

jroy and chachi putting stickers up while shredding
jroy putting up stickers
smith and putting up stickers

JRoy and Chachi trying to put up stickers while the locals continue to shred!

emerica booth thought it would be a good idea to throw stickers

Homies at the Emerica tent thought it would be cool to put out a couple stickers, instant chaos!

jim and aleks first to show

Jim and Aleks were the first to show

Colin shows up with cheif

Little later Colin Provost rolls through with Chief

kirby dickson and chief

Dickson and Kirby are close behind

thee thee on the sceane

Theotis on the scene, getting ready to get turnt up! Bellleeee Dat!!

active dudes show up

Luke and the dudes from Active show up with a grill and PA system to fulfill all our grub and tunage needs!

thee thee says what up

Thee Thee cruising around the park to say what up to the homies

park filled up quick

Park filled up quick!

nosebleed seats

Nosebleed seats or best seats in the park??

something comes up on pa dickson dont care

Active homies get the PA working and grabs everyones attention, except for Dicksons

happy holiday homie

Spotted one of the limited edition Deathwish Holiday Decks in the crowd, Happy Holidays!!

lizard colin chief

Lizard arrives, says whats up to the crew

theo five oh kicky

Theo getting some with a 5-0 kickflip out on the hubba!

braydon chasing lizard up the stairs

Braydon makes his entrance, chasing Lizard up the stairs!

what up braydon

Sup fools!!!

dickson five ohh

Dickson with a quick 5-0

last shot of the banners

Probably the last shot of our banners, someone in East LA came up on some OG Baker and SJ banners

kirby back lip

Kirby getting down with a back lip

t funk front feeb
moose front feeb

and Moose warming up with front feebs

t funk taking it to the handrail

Tristen taking it to the handrail!

dickson blunt

Dickson follows with a steezy blunt...

dickson nosegrind

and nosegrind!

tho kick back lip

Theo going with the kick back lip! Jeremy Adams got that crispier fresh crop for The Skateboard Mag!

moose over crook

Moose with an overcrook on the flatbar.

spankeys here

Back at the tent Spankys doing work on the autographs

the crew be posted

Crew is posted

drew and dustin

Drew and Dustin show up around the same time

good to see you

"Good to see you!"

dd takin pics

Everyone wants a picture with Dustin...

herm taking pics


shane taking pics

and Shane!!!

herm teaching the kids how to drink

After Herm makes his way through the crowd, he gets to the Emerica tent to sign autographs and show the kids how to chug beers!

bacon wrapped hot dogs

Luke prepping BACON WRAPPED HOT DOGS! Mucho thanks again for hooking that up!!

taking pictures

Signing posters and getting your picture taken, all in a days work

hot dogs are on the grill

Hot dogs hitting the grill!

killing it in the hot dog game


dustin front shove

Back in the park Dustin throws down a frontside heel

drew signing

Hard for the Boss to skate when every kid wants his autograph...

pictures of himself

especially when it's pictures of himself

dustin nollie front shuv

Dustin with a frontside shove

moose crooking it

Moose opts for the crook down the rail

skate junt or shake junt

Skate Junt/Shake Junt

tristen killing flat bars

Tristen murdering the flat bar with a frontside smith, backside 180 out

boss 5050

Boss mane coming through with a warm up 50-50

bacon wrapped hot dogs grilling

Bacon wrapped hot dogs on the grill...

hot dog line was killer

of course the line for the hot dogs is going to be lengthy!
shane and spanky signing

Shane and Spanky making sure the Bake and Destroy posters get hooked up

greco blessing it

Greco blessing the kid with his signature

theo slash and drew

Slash is on the scene, Theo and Drew letting him know whats up

mmmm bacon dogs

Bacon wrapped dogs are almost done

iwant a bacon dog

"I want one!!'

luke killing it

Active homie Luke killed it all day

drew spanky erik

Drew, Spanky and Erik

shane and keeper

Shane and Keeper

shane xmas swag

Shane got that christmas swag

goat mouf


braydon yelling at tristen

"Get me a beer fool!!"

happy holidays jim

Slash wishing Jim a happy holiday

OG baker logo

OG Baker logo spotted in the crowd

Lizard carving an autograph

This little girl wanted Lizards autograph more than anything, but we didn't have a silver marker for it to show up on the black deck...

lizard carving 2

So Lizard carved it in there with a knife!!

lk nailing life

Nailed it!!! She was so hyped!!!

erik signing

also nailed it

Back at the tent, Erik hooks up the fans with his signature

theo with the homies

Theo took a quick break to kick it with the homies

ohh product toss

Ohh whats that?? Time for the product toss!!

here we go

Hope your're ready because we had about 100 decks and tons of tees and stickers!

who wants product

"Who wants some goods?!?!"

braydon on the mic

The quiet before the storm...

on the front lines

First shirt is tossed and the things instantly get crazy

throwing out product

Catch it if you can!

deathwish custom decks

"Who wants custom Deathwish Decks??"

have this one
watch outhow to catch a deck

There you go!!!

dustin chill fool

Dustin tries to calm everyone down...

or not

not happening!

who wants more product

raise your hand

Raise your hand if you want more product!!!

braydon and jim throwing out decks

Braydon and Jim throwing out decks

have fun with that

Good luck with that!

want this one

"You want this one??"

fight for it

Kids were going for it!

still raining stickers

Still raining stickers!

fight for more deckshard battle

Tough battle...

you're hyped

but he got it!!

wooo got it

Wooo!!! He was hyped!!

shane and theo getting turnt up

Shane and Thee Thee getting turnt up!!!

braydon throwing out boards

Braydon blessing the other side of the park with decks

fetch this one

wooo or this one

"Get this one!"

want this one too

want this one 2

Want this one too?!?!

here you gooo

Get ready!

really hope that didnt hit you in the face

Hope this isn't what it looks like, but I'm pretty sure no one got hurt from a deck to the face!

sums up a product toss

The faces of a product toss!

shane getting hyphy

Shane just as hyped as the crowd!

how to catch a decktrippy mane

How not to catch a deck at a product toss... watch your head!

two times

Two at a time!!!

dickson throwing out the last ones

Dickson throwing out some decks

dustin was having fun

Dustin had fun!

battle on the frontlines

Battle on the frontlines!

second view jim
jim throwing boards

View from the back as Jim throws out the last decks!

sooo whos help cleaning up

After one of the longest product tosses the crowd disperses and checks in to see what they came up on! Anyone want to help clean up???

kids came up

This kid came up on a new Greco Creeps 2 Deck

kids came up herm deck

New Herman Bullet Shells deck for this dude!

kids came up gang logo

Gang logo new new for him!

atl seconds deck your hyped

This lucky kid got a one-of-a-kind Reynolds ATL navy and orange!

be hyped

New deck, grip and Brigada stickers for this homie!!!

this homie needed a box to carry it

This fan came up on so much stuff he needed a box!

soo really no one wants to clean up


fos that was gnarly

Fos discussing all the gnarlyness he just witnessed!

heroing good shit right

His Heroin Skateboards sticker pretty much sums it up!

we even gave out the xmas tree

We even gave away the tree!!!

happy holidays

Happy Holidays homie!!!

active and bum thanks for cleaning

This dude helped us clean up the park and Luke from Active hooked him up with his board for the dudes daughter Jeanette!

HUGE THANKS to Luke and the boys from Active for EVERYTHING, as well as Bucky and the crew from Emecica and Altamont!!! Thanks to all the kids for coming out, Happy Holidays from everyone at BBD and we'll see you next year!!!!


  1. Thanks homies for comin out and for all the free product, you guys are the best HAPPY Holidays!!!!

    Mikey Stevens
  2. Thanks homies for comin out and for all the free product, you guys are the best HAPPY Holidays!!!!

    Mikey Stevens
  3. this is what makes BBD the best company out there. I love seeing these demos, peeps are hyped. Baker, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Heroin FO LIFE!!!

  4. Got there late but I had an awsom time!!! Got sum Chickenbone Wax
    NOWISON!! :D

  5. Shakejunt for life!!

  6. Shout out to Shane and Drew for personally giving me and the homies a lot of products from shake junt. Little did they know that the sweater i got unfortunately is my only christmas present, and to receive it from Shane and Drew truly means a lot! Thanks to both you guys!!

  7. so sick!! i wish i was there.... but im living in norway :( hope all the bakerboys can come down to norway and doing a demo!!

  8. where was that? mexico?

  9. i missed out but my mother had court that day
    everyone was there ellington reynolds dollin greco
    herman i been skating baker since i wanna say 04 can remember
    i ride deathwish now cus ellington has always been my favorite for years i had his first emericas to the supra ellingtons right now

    make a demo soon ill make it out there merry xmas to you all
    bakerboys dist happy new years deathwish for life

    martin chavez
  10. Dayummm, looked siq ima come time fer sure !

  11. SICK! but wheresfiggy?

  12. come to germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ahhh the bearded wonder, i remember. i was there when they had him put his broom away to skate ......................

    Sprack Cherry Jar