February 28, 2013 | 9 comment(s)

Moose at Cherry Park

Moose shredding Cherry Park in this little clip from Neff!!


  1. stay up big pimp'n deathwish foo life

    martin chavez
  2. aint no bolts allowed around here MeNG!, keep Cheeki Cookie Keeki Riki Zeekie Peeki Xeekie ......sOrRy tHeY mAde mE sayz all that shit MeNg

    the invisible flying Posum n'da hood, peace

    Sprack Cherry Jar
  3. moose shredding supras? SW1s??? it would be the tits if moose got on supra!!

  4. Shiiiiit, moose killin it, makes me more stoked for the deathwish vid. and hell yeah Atmosphere.

    Paden... man.
  5. Yoooo! Fuckin atmosphere rips, almost as hard as you skate.

  6. fools such a beast

  7. How Duh Fuck is Moose not pro?

  8. Can't wait till he goes pro!

    Miguel Amaya
  9. thats a damn prol