March 31, 2013 | 8 comment(s)

The Deathwish Video Premiere - Part 1

Greco Jeremy Klien and Willy Santos

When we first got to the theater Jim Greco was already there with legends Jeremy Klein and Willy Santos!

The empty theater

The quiet before the storm. Huge thanks to the Orpheum Theater!!

Phelps and slashes mom
phelpes and slashes mom

Out front Phelps and Slashes mom were already killing it!

Micky taking phelps and slashes moms picture

Mickey from Deluxe was there to capture it

the orpheum theater

The Orpheum looking good with "The Deathwish Video" on the marquee!


Phelps being Phelps...

phelps 2

Lizard enjoying the entertainment!

jake and his lady

The homie Jake and his lady

ellington and phelps ellington and phelps 2

Ellington and Phelps!

furby up in this peice

Furby's here!!

west and juan

Shipping masters West and Juan

erik and jon

Erik and Jon out front

drew taking the insta

Drew getting the insta for Erik!

furby and his posse

Furby and his crew on the red carpet

drew getting hassled at the door

Drew getting hassled for his ticket and wristband at the door, security was tight for this premiere!

thrasher legends

Thrasher crew came down! Rodent, Michael Burnett and Tony Vitello!

strubing and pearcey

Justin Stubring and Pearcey

moose and nuge

Moose and Nuge are both hyped for the video!

sinner and lenoce

Sinner and Lenoce kicking it

beagle and his lady

Beagle and his lady Larissa!

bonilla mr new mex jon and otvos

The bar next door got really busy before the video, Thomas Bonilla, Mr. New Mex, Dickson and Paul Otvos enjoying the pre premiere drinks!


Steve posing for the cameras, "no instagrams, please"...

luci and vivianne

Lucy and Vivianne

shad and erika

Shad and Erica

andy roy getting his tickets

Andy Roy getting his tickets!

neck and his lady

Nasty Neck and his lady

bb jamie thomas and dee

B.B., The Chief and Dee!


Aleks the Deathwish filmer was a huge factor in putting this video together! CONGRATULATIONS dude, you killed it!!!!

will call booth killing it

Carly, Jay, Chachi and Scotty holding down the will call table!

Brian Michaud Flip nasty and shane heyl

Brian Michaud, Flip and Shane! True OG's!

erik pearcy and grecs

Erik, Pearcey and Jim

jon kirby figgy

This crew... Dickson, Kirby and Figgy!

micky mike carrol and phelps

Mickey, Mike Carrol and Phelps!

steve casey and rick flair

Steve, Casey from Val Surf and Rick Flair! Wooooooo!

phelps doing it for the kids

Phelps getting the kids some likes for their instagrams...

moose lizard and pat

Moose, Lizard and Rumney!

paul otvos and neen

Inside Otvos and Neen were kicking it in the balcony!

supra dude

Matt Fontana and his daughter back outside at the red carpet

fuzz moose and his lady friend

Fuzz, Moose and his friend!

bb shad and dee

B.B., Shad and Dee

nuge and the crew

Nuge and his crew!

lizard and the ride channell
slash and nuge
jamie and lizard

Erica was doing interviews for The Ride Channel! Check it out at the bottom!

people going into the theater

Time to grab a drink and head into the theater!



  1. when is this gonna be for sale??? I need that shit pronto

  2. JON DICKSON PRO!!!!!!!! hell yeah i'll be grabbing his deck soon.

    Michael Wrest
  3. Moose should have went pro too!

  4. Haha get it I can't wait till this video is released for sale man.. SLEEEEEZY

  5. look at all these slotch ass floosies, im gonna make a killin of my youtube career!

    fuck dat beezy & her love songs!

    Justin Bieber

    Sprack Cherry Jar
  6. hahah jon dickson looked kinda out of it when slah announced hes pro. probably pretty overwhelming in front of all the people though. shit was ssick!!

  7. WELL?!

    Cody Lannon
  8. well its gonna be the sickest video of the year! Last great video since stay gold! I Just wish i could be there for that shittt! fuckin Drew, Neen,Lizard.. shit everyone kills it..

    Cody Lannon