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Baker Boys Dist: Agenda 2013 Recap

agenda 1Welcome to Baker Boys Distribution.

agenda 2
Deathwish - Shake Junt - Baker - Vol. 4 - Heroin - Brigada

dickson booth
Our pro's put in work. Thanks Dickson!

agenda 3Can I take your order please?
@stevehernandez @flyupsidedown @scoottyrat

agenda 4
Introducing two new pro's & two new pro models for Brigada Eyewear.

agenda 5Ali Boulala Signature Brigada's out now!

agenda 6
agenda 7
Shane Heyl Signature Brigada's out now!

agenda 8Sales Dragon, Steve Clare & Brown from Supra/Krew

agenda 9

agenda 10

agenda 11

agenda 12

agenda 13

agenda 14
Shake Junt Shane Heyl aka @goatmoufgumbo. Hi Carly.

agenda 15
You got a Junt tattoo?! You're going on the blog. GETCHA ROLL ON!

agenda 16Erik with Sam (@uncle_sammy) & Raj (mehrathon) from Mehrathon Trading, our Canadian Distributors who have been holding it down since day one!

agenda 17

agenda 18
Yeah Skateshop all the way from Thailand!

agenda 19
"And these are skateboards" - Sales Dragon

If you're in Santa Monica, head down to Rip City Skates and buy yourself a new crispy. One of the longest running skate shops in Southern California!

agenda 20
Thanks to Active Ride Shop for their continued support. Mouse is the shit!

agenda 21
Scotty's super serious business face.

Shout out to Tim from Let It Roll Skate Shop in Las Vegas for rolling through!

agenda 22

agenda 23
The man behind the lens of The Deathwish Video Aleks Lewandowski nailing this photo.

agenda 24
Sneak peak at the new Baker x Circa collab for Nuge's signature shoe The Tweest!

agenda 25

agenda 26

agenda 27
Ran into Jim at the Supra booth promoting his signature shoe The Hammer. Hi Jim.

agenda 28
If you haven't checked out Riley's Baker x Lakai video part, please click here and let your mind be blown.

agenda 29
Blessing kids all day with some fresh stickers. Photo bombed by Chachi.

agenda 30
A Video Nasty survivor came by the booth.

agenda 31
The new Death-A-Mania series is Furby approved.

agenda 32

agenda 33
Jeff from Sole Tech & Mule Man.

agenda 34
Kevin Romar stopped by the booth to chop it up with Shane and check out all the new Shake Junt goods. Romar killed it in the new Blind Video "Damn".

agenda 35
Awkward smile and the new LE gang sign. See it? So Sin!

agenda 36
Sinner rocking the new Brigada Lawless Blue/Red Fade sunglasses.

agenda 37
Turned the corner and Ray Barbee was melting minds!

agenda 38
Checked out Ed's "Sheep Box of Prints" photo show and picked out a few choice photos.

agenda 39

agenda 40

agenda 41

agenda 42
Scotty remembered everything about this photo and the events surrounding it, including him & Erik staying at Ed's house, road trippin' to Arizona and getting Scotty's Big Brother cover all in the same weekend.

agenda 43
Shake Junt designer Midzt (@loveyodreams) listening to Volume 4.

agenda 44
Official Shake Junt x Stance Socks collab photo shoot! Better GTWYC and go getcha some!

agenda 45
Thanks to all the shops & distributors who stopped by & have supported Baker Boys Distribution since day one! See you at the next show!


  1. i'll take one of each, on all the Neckface shit, keep the rest for the kids......

    the bearings & bolts & socks & the other pile of shit- all remind me of when I was, uh fuck it- whatever I forgot how the old story went, down on Elm Street .......

    Sir Fredrick

    Sprack Cherry Jar
  2. spiderman's got that more trees then the Keebler Elves, live throughout the Ewok city

    Sprack Cherry Jar