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November 27, 2014



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November 26, 2014

Skate Tank part 2 of 3

The Skate Tank's been on more missions than any vehicle in the world. There's too many guests to name in the rawest edit of the year, but it feels so good to see Figgy get an ender again. Up on Thrasher

November 24, 2014

Skate Tank part 1 of 3

Only the Shake Junt family can make a skate van take on a life of its own. Get it straight though, this is a hardcore edit of amazing skating. The Boss gets this started and Theotis wraps it up, with epic guests in between. More to come! Up on Thrasher

November 21, 2014

Skate Tank teaser

This is gonna be awesome. Three part Shake Junt video starting next Monday. Get in the tank or get rolled on. Up On Thrasher

November 21, 2014

Double Rock DC

T-Funk, Cj And the DC Shoes Team Double Rock Up On Thrasher

November 20, 2014



Be sure to check out Fos FM tonight at 8:00pm With Guest Randy Randall From No Age KChungRADIO.ORG Or if your in the Los Angeles area on 1630AM Radio