Blog 2018

December 3, 2018

Bryan Herman on The Nine Club

Bryan Herman discusses growing up in Hesperia CA, getting flowed by World Industries, the Baker team watching his sponsor me tape at ASR, staying with Andrew Reynolds, going on his fist tour, filming for the Emerica video ā€œThis is Skateboardingā€, staying at the Emerica Mansion, filming for Baker 3, breaking his leg in half, his investment in Saint Archer, parting ways with Emerica, being apart of HRS, Villager, the Desert Mamba Crew and much more!

November 29, 2018

Deathwish - Jamie Foy "Field" VX Part

2017 Thrasher SOTY Jamie Foy has held down his post with dignity and grace, but before he passes on that baton, he has a lil something for you. Deathwish Skateboards "Field" VX Part filmed & edited by Kaylanne Diaz

November 26, 2018

T-Funk & Zach Allen "Baker" Part

Baker's future is looking bright! T-Funk and Zach are both in that sweet spot in life where pure talent has a chain reaction with bottomless energy. The result is total skate stoke (and a lot of clips). The Boss sure knows how to find ā€˜em.

November 21, 2018

Pedro Delfino - Six Pack

Deathwish AM Pedro Delfino is taking requests from the Independent Trucks "Gotta Pray To Play" squad

November 15, 2018

Jamie Foy - Behind The Board

Dickies spotlights Jamie Foy behind the board from skating to fishing

November 14, 2018

Independent Trucks - Gotta Pray To Play

Check out T-Funk & Pedro Delfino in the new Independent Trucks video "Gotta Pray To Play" - Skate & Destroy!