Heroin Skateboards was started by Mark Foster (Fos) in 1998. It’s one of the longest running board companies from the U.K. and went international in 2011 when Baker Boys distribution picked up their U.S. and worldwide distribution. "I called it Heroin because of the addiction of skateboarding. I’m straight edge and don’t do any drugs or drink, I’ve always wanted to focus on more positive things, and I think part of the name came from the ethos of punk rock. Heroin comes a long way since I was spraying the first blank boards in my back garden. I feel lucky to be able to support skateboarding that isn’t necessarily the mainstream and what you see on TV all the time. Skateboarding for me has always been about creativity and colorful characters. With my brand I’ve never felt any pressure to pursue anything other than my vision of skateboarding, from the creativity of this weird little crew out of Japan, my good friend Chopper and the Osaka Daggers, to Barrier Kult's pro, "Deer Man of Dark Woods." I’ve always liked people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, even with our new ams I see a lot of that in Zack Krull, Patrick Franklin and Tony Karr." —FOS